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UPF-Argentina Hosts Weekly Reading and Reflection Sessions on Zoom

Argentina-2020-05-18-UPF-Argentina Hosts Weekly Reading and Reflection Sessions on Zoom

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Argentina—On May 18, UPF-Argentina held via Zoom its fifth reading and reflection session with the theme “Science and Ethics.” Serving as content were the words of UPF’s founders. “Honoring a Peace Legacy: Centennial Year” is the context of this series of meetings held each Monday in April. On May 18, we had 18 participants, including Ambassadors for Peace, relatives, and other guests.

You can see the video here.

The following is an excerpt read by Alba Luz Tangarife from the “Science and Absolute Values” speech given in 1974, which can be found in the Pyeong Hwa Gyeong (“Peace Messages”) compilation of 178 public speeches given by UPF’s founders. Afterwards, participants gave their reflections on the subject, based on their knowledge and experience, and brought a moment of mutual learning and enrichment. Then, we finished with prayers.

When we reflect on the history of the human race, we see there have been new frontiers in every era, some culminating in the development of literature and others in the blossoming of medicine and the various sciences. Yet in the past, development of science and technology has been aimed mainly at the conquest and exploitation of nature. Today this very science compels us to set up a new ethical standard. The new ethic ought to concern itself with the problems of love for nature and a reexamination of human values and the need for cooperation among human beings. It must attempt to set a new view of value and a new ethical norm that can bring about an ideal world of harmonious coexistence among all creatures on earth.

The development of science and technology has certainly raised issues that invite us to reflect seriously on what is essential for us to remain human and to preserve humaneness in our lives. I strongly believe that the aforementioned ideal world can be made possible only when every field of science and technology is mobilized for the benefit of humankind and when a cooperative spirit of human activity guides those who work in those fields.

These reading, observation, and prayer sessions began on April 20 with the theme “The Four Great Realms of the Heart and the Three Great Kingships” (click here for video). The following Mondays, we shared on the themes “Unity,” “The Principle of Living for the Sake of Others,” and “The Value of the Father/Mother-Son/Daughter, God-Humanity Relationship.”

In different spiritual communities, there is a tradition to share the Word: to learn, to meditate, to reflect. In this sense, the Word should enlighten our life and translate into positive thoughts and good deeds. “And we do not only learn from what we read, but also from the reflections everyone shares based on their knowledge on the subject or their experience. On the other side, prayers constitute an act of humility, of connecting with our transcendent origin, since there are situations that transcend us, in times when humanity has fallen into arrogance, forgetting their divine design or openly rejecting their spiritual sense,” expressed Miguel Werner, secretary general of UPF-Argentina, in the opening session on April 20.

In essence, he explained: “We expect this space to be an occasion to learn and rediscover the importance of unity and spirituality; the power of the Word and prayer; to practice the act of listening and empathy. This is a moment to receive light and inspiration to work from within ourselves, to strengthen and heal our family bonds: filial, fraternal, conjugal, and paternal relationships. We need to spread this mutual love and respect in our social environment to grant a better quality of life; for our Peace: with the Creator, with others and with the Creation. We need to become makers of a much better society and world.”

This is an occasion to “Honor the Peace Legacy” of the founder in the centenary of his birth. This is a space to learn, practice the act of listening, and strengthen unity and spirituality in this challenging time.

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