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ILC 2020 The Americas Closing Session: Summary of Sessions and Call to Action

The Americas—Participants in UPF’s historic problem-solving ILC2020 conference, “Opportunity and Hope at a Time of Global Crisis,” reflected on its successes and looked forward with hope. The ninth session, the concluding event of simultaneously occurring in three time zones (Korea, Japan, Asia-Pacific; Africa, Europe, UPF’s the unprecedented three-day webinar, was open to all who registered and was watched by 908 viewers. 

The session’s moderator was Dr. Trevor Jones, President of UPF-Peru, who welcomed the participants, noting that we reflected on the past and have also set the tone for the future of UPF.

Session Reports

ISCPDr. Franco Famularo, President, UPF Canada:

Discussion of the impact of COVID played a big part in every discussion. There was widespread expression of gratitude for UPF’s presence on the international scene. Congressman John Doolittle summed it up by concluding his remarks with, “We all have the same name. We are the Americas.”

IAPPDr. Simão Ferabolli, Secretary General, UPF South America:

One panelist expressed gratitude to heaven for so many blessings, for so many people met at UPF, and the opportunity to work together. To all of you who are great leaders, thank you very much.

IAPDMrs. Tomiko Duggan, Senior Vice President, UPF USA:

Archbishop Stallings did a stellar job of moderating this session. Bishop Noel Jones shared his gratitude to Mother Moon for bringing so many together and letting them share their hearts. Archbishop Chrysostomos praised Reverend Moon’s idea to create an upper house for religious leaders at the UN. Imam Khanson said the pandemic is actually creating many opportunities for us to build peace.

IAFLPMrs. Angelica Selle, President, WFWP USA

We were blessed to have the participation of Dr. Sun Jin Moon, daughter of the founder. All the women leaders highlighted the domestic problems increased by COVID. First Lady Morales of Guatemala called the pandemic “the calm after the storm.” Mrs. Alfaro de Franco said the pandemic underscored the unequal barriers for women to advance. Dr. Samia Burton talked about the pandemic affecting families behind closed doors—domestic violence and substance abuse. But she said the silver lining in this crisis is that it has brought us together and encouraged us to follow the example of Mother Moon, who continues moving forward without ceasing, trying to unite humanity despite the pandemic.

IMAPMs. Cheryl Wetzstein, Coordinator, IMAP North America:

I appreciated all the prayer support for this session from so many people. It really does matter. Our session expressed much concern about falling standards of the media everywhere. Many young people want to be hired by a news organization, but it is so they can advocate for their particular political point of view. News is expected immediately because of the internet, but there are fewer people to make that happen. Independent journalism is a big challenge in many countries. Media has tremendous power and should be used morally, to inform. Diversity in media is also important.

IAAPMr. Robert Duffy, Secretary General, UPF Canada:

Interdependence is learned foremost in the family. Ethics and morals in education are the keys to the education of youth. Higher education should be considered a human right for all people. There is currently unavoidable change in education dynamics—professors who used to be the owners of knowledge are becoming supporters. Our session was supported by excellent UPF volunteers in the background who have been in touch with our panelists for years.

IAEDMr. Alan Jessen, Coordinator, IAED North America:

Important thought leaders with resources to share, came together. Government and private sector partnerships are important. Former Vice Minister of Costa Rica Jhon Fonseca said that we need to change our business model from transactions to relationships, from customers to community. He said we need to focus on relationship development rather than money only. Ms. Audra Hajj, our final speaker, developed a landing page for IAED on her own initiative, with a module for letting people sign up to become dues-paying members. All of our panelists expressed appreciation for Dr. Moon for creating this forum for exchange.


Mr. Tom McDevitt, Chairman, The Washington Times and HJ Magnolia Global:

This online webinar was an amazing turning point for UPF, which is emerging onto the global stage. In Asia, Africa and the Americas so much is happening. The growth of UPF, centering on Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon’s leadership. is pulling us forward. Here are five factors that characterize UPF right now.

  1. UPF is growing in mastery of new technology. We demonstrated that in the conduct of this webinar.
  2. It is attracting top leaders of substance to speak at these conferences.
  3. It has developed the ability to grow audiences through the use of advanced marketing techniques.
  4. Most essentially, the quality of content of these sessions is something that is needed by the world.
  5. We are witnessing an awakening in the ability of UPF to understand that Dr. Moon’s vision is what we need now. Her impact solving the challenges of the world is happening. This is because God is working.

Dr. Thomas Walsh, Chairman UPF International:

I am very impressed with the results of this conference. The UPF leaders are world leaders, giants who can give so much to this world. I feel a heavenly wind is at our back; the Holy Spirit is with us. We are working grounded in spiritual values, which translates as substance. Deeply grateful to the way Father and Mother Moon have brought such passion, drive and commitment that has stirred us to great levels of accomplishment – greater than I could have ever imagined. There is no better way to celebrate UPF’s 15th Anniversary than to be hard at work on this ILC webinar. We have spent these past three days with our sleeves rolled up. We worked just as hard the month prior to this, preparing this conference. The principle of interdependence and mutual prosperity centered on universal values is borne out and realized as it lives in our unity. UPF is a vaccine, or homeopathic remedy, that is spiritually needed by the world at this time. We are emerging as a game-changer in the world. Behind it is the deep innovation and meaning of the life and work of Father Moon, and the ongoing, quiet but powerful leadership of Mother Moon.

Dr. Chang Shik Yang, UPF Regional Chair, Central America and the Caribbean:

Panelists have offered suggestions and great hope. This is our first time to do such a conference online. Our 60 speakers elevated our program to a higher standard than any in the past. We are grateful to our accomplished presenters in these sessions and to three heroes, the secretary generals of the Americas. Our team is recognized for its dedication and effort. Our in-house interpreters were amazing. Thank-you to our regional and subregional directors and to our organizing committee for their hard work.

Rev. Dong Mo Shin, UPF Regional Chair, South America:

Many of the participants in this seminar sympathize with the values of our Founders. UPF’s Founders say that God is the key to solving all conflicts, that the essence of God is love, and that God’s love is true love. True love is to give unconditionally and to live for the sake of others. I hope you can leave this conference with a strong start as Ambassadors for Peace. Become the people who achieve the dream that North and South America will become one America.

Dr. Michael Jenkins, President, UPF International; Regional Chair, UPF North America:

Congratulations to all the key leaders of the Americas. We worked together night and day, with determination because of the sacrifices of our co-founders, beginning with the founding of UPF in 2005. That founding ceremony was followed immediately by their 120-day whirlwind tour of the world. They sacrificed everything for America and the world and planted UPF in every corner of the world. It is truly amazing to see the foundations now blossoming because of True Mother’s incredible ability to unify leaders from presidents to parliamentarians to faith leaders to First Ladies and business, media and academia leaders. She is winning their hearts, and they feel deeply the desire to cooperate. 

This is the first time we have challenged ourselves to undertake this kind of conference, with this technology. Because of our global communications system, out of 92 speakers, not one of them missed their time online.

The affiliated associations have taken on their mission impressively. Their amazing foundation has grown considerably. There is a bonding of relationships like I have never seen before. I observed the following: (1) Dr. Moon’s vision of Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity and Universal Values have been felt in the ILC. (2) Father and Mother Moon emphasize marriage as the key to peace—many of our conference participants have also participated in an International Marriage Blessing ceremony. (3) America is mainly Protestant and South America is mainly Catholic. Father Moon has said that if the Christian foundation of Catholic and Protestant can come together, we can melt all barriers, including the one between North and South Korea. The ILC brought North and South, Protestant and Catholic together in heart through this conference. (4) The Americas are the battleground of the God-affirming force of democracy and God-denying forces of socialism and materialism at the national level. We broke down that barriers significantly with this conference.

Hon. José Alberto Alfaro, President, IAPP Central America and the Caribbean:

Congratulations to Mother Moon for your great leadership and vision. I also thank all the panelists and moderators. Without exception, their presentations gave great value.

Ms. Maribel Barretos, Ambassador for Peace; expert and lecturer on conscience:

I am honored to be part of this great planetary family. God’s will to live in freedom, harmony and prosperity. UPF is fulfilling its mission, and we can do even more. We recognize our divine source of blessing and harmony. Peace for the entire universe, over all borders, over all humanity.

Hon. Dan Burton (International Co-Chairman, IAPP; Member, U.S. Congress, 19832013) and Dr. Samia Burton offered their reflections. Dr. Burton enjoyed being with Dr. Sun Jin Moon and the First Ladies, and Honorable Burton said the following: “I have worked with leaders all around the world, but have never met anyone who works as hard as Mother Moon for the cause of peace. She has gone all over the world. We need her leadership more than ever before. Thank you, Mother Moon, and your family, for working so tirelessly on behalf of peace.”

ILC2020 Resolution Signing Ceremony

Congressman Burton introduced the ILC2020 Resolution, reading salient portions, and called for participants to raise their right hands. Then he said: “Be it accepted and affirmed that on this Sunday, September 13, 2020, there was a major step forward in firmly establishing a unified world of peace. If you agree, say ‘I agree.’” Agreement was unanimous.


Dr. Trevor Jones, President, UPF Peru:

With the signing of the ILC 2020 Resolution, we have come to the end. We will meet again in two weeks to hold the second Rally of Hope with Hak Ja Han Moon. Her living example is the one thing that binds us all together. We often feel the presence of Father Moon, especially at our UPF 15th Anniversary Celebration yesterday, and Mother Moon has shown her determination to continue the work they began during the 1950s—sharing a vision of hope in the theme Peace Starts With Me.


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