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Northeast Asia Peace Initiative

Think Tank 2022 Forum, Asia Pacific: Closing Session



Asia Pacific—The virtual Think Tank 2022 Forum for UPF’s Asia Pacific region culminated with a Closing Session on February 3, 2022 during which the keynote speeches and congratulatory messages that were given at the conference were highlighted.

A total of 2,911 people registered for the event. Over 147 participants watched it live on Zoom, while it was viewed thousands of times on YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms.

Mr. Masaichi Hori, regional president of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) Asia Pacific 2, delivered the opening remarks. He commended the leadership of Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal, chair of UPF-Asia Pacific, and other leaders of UPF and its associations in the Asia Pacific, for the success of the forum. He also recognized the panelists, thanking them for the valuable input and brilliant recommendations, which he assured will add to the groundwork for creating a heavenly unified Korea and a peaceful world. Moreover, Mr. Hori spoke about the vision and legacy of UPF founders Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon in pioneering North-South Korea relations and creating a culture of peace on the world level. He urged the panelists and attendees to continue working together for everyone can be peacemakers and build a one-world family under God.

H.E. Anote Tong, president of the Republic of Kiribati (2003-2016) and 2015 Sunhak Peace Prize laureate, gave the keynote address. He began by asking how conflicts on a national and global scale transpire. He continued, saying that in the state of conflict, there are those who benefit and those who pay the price. Working with partners who embody the attributes of love and compassion, and being one ourselves, is what will steer us away from a path towards conflict and bring about hope to attain everlasting peace. Lastly, H.E. Tong spoke highly of the teachings of Rev. and Mrs. Moon, particularly, the principle they taught of living for the sake of others.

The closing remarks were given by Dr. Lek Thaveetermsakul, vice chairman of UPF-Asia Pacific. He thanked the panelists for their presentations and the attendees for their active participation. Dr. Thaveetermsakul also spoke of the gravity and urgency of the peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula, as it influences the peace and security of the Asia Pacific region and world. He expressed his gratitude that all the speakers understood the critical importance of the subject matter and took their valuable time to impart their knowledge and expertise, leading to the success of the forum. He also stated that the opinions, ideas and contributions of all the panelists will be documented, uploaded to the UPF International website and then put into practice appropriately as much as possible to bring about peace and reunification of the peninsula and world.

During the session, the attendees expressed their enthusiasm and interest in the topics that were covered, as well as their appreciation for being able to participate in the forum. A video report containing a recap of the three-day conference was presented. Then, everyone was invited to register for and join the World Summit 2022: Summit for Peace on the Korean Peninsula from February 11 to 13. The program concluded with a commemorative photo and warm felicitations.

Dr. Venus G. Agustin, vice chair of UPF-Asia Pacific, served as the moderator.


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