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Ambassadors for Peace

UPF-Argentina Hosts “Leadership and Teamwork” Workshop

Argentina-2023-05-10-“Leadership and Teamwork” Workshop Held during Ambassadors for Peace Meeting


Buenos Aires, Argentina—The Ambassadors for Peace meeting held May 10, 2023, featured a workshop on one of UPF-Argentina’s lines of action for the 2023 Series: “Leadership and Teamwork.” This virtual meeting was attended by more than 40 Ambassadors for Peace from the five regions of UPF-Argentina (1).

The meeting was moderated by Prof. Julio Nardini, representative of Ambassadors for Peace and IAAP/UPF-Argentina, together with his wife, Ambassador for Peace Rosa María Holgado. It was divided into three parts: an explanatory section, a breakout session for teamwork, and a plenary to share what was learned by every group.

Those relating their knowledge, experience and contributions to the concept and practice of “Leadership and Teamwork,” created as one of UPF-Argentina’s guidelines during the 2023 Series, were Ambassadors for Peace Christian Oreb, social activist, founder and consultant to various civil society organizations; Jorge Tuero, PhD in economics (University of Chicago) and expert on world cultures and their links to multinational corporations; and Patricia Pitaluga, a communications and public relations professional, and president of the civil association “Acercando Naciones.”

After the valuable comments on the topic, there was the practical “Leadership and Teamwork” exercise, in which every Ambassador for Peace contributed their experiences, knowledge and good practices on qualities, difficulties and examples of “Leadership and Teamwork.” Moderators during this section were UPF-Argentina public relations representative Luba Opeka, a member of Akamasoa Argentina; and Andrea Fernández Bevans, communication and public affairs coordinator of SUD Community (Buenos Aires). There was also Ambassador for Peace Rosa Di Lorenzo, president of the Pope Francis, Culture of Encounter, Work and Family APL Commission.

In Rosa Di Lorenzo’s group, the following were highlighted as leadership qualities: visionary, planner, motivator, commitment, charisma, oratory skills, service vocation, effort, listening, humbleness, ethical, empathy, faith, being able to forgive, following the path of peace and fraternity etc. Difficulties: personal preferences, distrust, lack of commitment etc. They mentioned Rotary as an example of virtuous teamwork and Messi, Mandela and Gandhi as examples of good leadership. (Watch more:

During the plenary, we invited everyone to celebrate the 2023 International Day of Families, to be held on May 15 at Vicente López Medical Center, in Buenos Aires, along with the 15th edition of honoring couples married for 25 years or more. Prof. Bertha Bilbao Richter, representative of the International Association of Arts and Culture for Peace (IAACP), informed everyone about the Poetry Initiation Course.

At the beginning of the event, Ambassador for Peace Irma Droz, writer, poet and cultural broker, recited the poem “La casa grande.” She has received awards in various poetry contests and is director and founder of “América Madre” International Cultural Institution, with branches in American and European countries. This particular poem won Shared First Prize at the 8th UPF-Argentina’s International Poetry Contest, “Peace as a Way to Protect the Creation” (2).

Final comments were given by moderator Julio Nardini, representative of Ambassadors for Peace, who claimed that institutions are in crisis, which offers a chance to grow or innovate. He also mentioned the importance of possessing wisdom and humbleness, of listening, embracing, having faith, forgiveness, balance and a plan, and discovering God’s plan. Healing is also important, he added, and protecting and supporting new leaders. He finally mentioned that love is a transformative power. Miguel Werner, UPF-Argentina president, thanked all participants and congratulated the Ambassadors for Peace for teaching us how to face this year’s challenges and implement joint leadership, which seeks to go from “I” to “us.


1) Recording of the Ambassadors for Peace Meeting 10-5-2023:


2) Poem “La casa grande,” Shared First Prize of the 8th UPF-Argentina’s International Poetry Contest “Peace as a Way to Protect the Creation” in 2016:

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