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Peace Education

Seminar in Japan for Traditional Leaders

A seminar for traditional leaders from Pacific island nations was held in Hiroshima, Japan, May 1-7, 2006, in a very quiet part of the coastal hamlet town of Kure. The city of Kure is a shipbuilding area and it maintains a formidable naval fleet of frigates and submarines. The largest battleship of the Second World War, the Yamato, was built there.

Hiroshima was hit by an atomic bomb in 1945. It therefore was deemed a suitable place to hold a Bridge of Peace Ceremony.

There were 28 participants from Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia, and 4 from Palau. Participants stayed at a fully equipped hostel-style residence.

Comments from participants:

“Father Moon has taught me that first you have to change yourself before you can change others. To lead by example is the best way to influence people. Since the principle of living for the sake of others has made me a happier person, people respect and follow me willingly from their hearts.” - Hon. Iso Iriarte, Senior Advisor to the Pohnpei Council of Chiefs, Federated States of Micronesia

“I developed from my association with UPF the concept of leadership which derives vicarious happiness from ensuring that his people are happy—like a father seeing his children are happy, which makes him twice as happy. I then consciously began to strive to be a ‘parental leader’ to my people.” - Amb. Johnson Toribiong, Ngiraked of Airal State, Republic of Palau; Ambassador of Palau to Taiwan

The Bridge of Peace event at the hall was a very deep and moving. Tears were shed and new friends were made. Even grown men cried.

Everyone signed the declaration which was presented, debated, edited and approved by all present. It read:

Resolution of the Traditional Leaders of Pohnpei and Palau in attendance at the UPF Oceania Second Seminar for Traditional Leaders of Pohnpei and Palau, Hiroshima, Japan, May 1-7, 2006, on the theme: "Universal Values and Lasting Peace: Toward a New Model of Good Governance for Micronesian Traditional Leaders in the 21st Century"
We, the participants in the Second Seminar for Traditional Leaders of Pohnpei and Palau, held in Hiroshima, Japan from May 1-7, 2006 on the theme: "Universal Values and Lasting Peace: Toward a New Model of Good Governance for Micronesian Traditional Leaders in the 21st Century," having attended the above seminar, hereby resolve the following:

1. To Place God as our First priority - Since God is the foundation and axis of peace in our Kingdoms and nation, we resolve to form the foundation for peace making in our Kingdoms and nation by putting God as first priority in all matters: above material possessions, money, position or other worldly attractions. We resolve to always strive to act in full reference to God's viewpoint, God's laws, heart and love.

2. To Set the Highest Personal Example - Since good leaders necessarily must exemplify the highest personal standards before others, we resolve to be model peacemakers as individuals by setting the highest standard in our personal lifestyle. We resolve to refrain from all drugs, alcohol, tobacco and sexual immorality and to encourage others to do the same. We resolve to set the highest standard in the proper use and management of public money and property and to encourage others to do the same.

3. To Live for the Sake of Others - Since unselfishness is the expression of God's true love and selfishness is at the root of all conflict and suffering, we resolve to exemplify and promote the ideal of public service and living for the sake of others throughout our Kingdoms and nation.

4. To Strengthen Family Life - Since strong, loving families are the school to teach love, moral values and good traditions and are the basis for a stable, healthy and prosperous community and nation, we resolve to take all necessary measures to strengthen family life in our Kingdoms and nation. We will therefore determine to exemplify model relationships in our families as loving couples, parents, grandparents, children, and brothers and sisters and to strongly encourage and promote this throughout our Kingdoms and nation. We will strongly exemplify and promote fidelity between husband and wife, the ideal of one man, one woman for life, filial piety amongst our young people, as well as sincere respect for elders and leaders.

5. To Educate and Train our Young People in Purity, Virtue and Public Service - Since our young people are our hope for the future we resolve to promote filial piety and sexual purity prior to marriage in our youth as well as sincere respect for elders and leaders. We resolve to train our young people to prepare them to establish strong families in the future and to become virtuous leaders. We resolve to promote human rights that link to human development needs. We resolve to promote service projects where youth can learn the value of public service and living for others.

6. To Promote Responsibility for Our Island Nations and Nature - Since we know that God has blessed us with the gifts of the rich culture and traditions and the beauty and bounty of the islands as part of His creation, we shall promote responsible and loving stewardship of the creation in particular the islands and oceans given to us as our responsibility from God. Since our culture is based on peace and harmony centered on God, we resolve to strengthen our culture and tradition and to promote true love and true patriotism, love and service for our nation. We resolve to promote collaboration between our island nations with respect to cultural identity and sustainability.

7. To Promote Love and Peace in Oceania and the World. - Since God is the Heavenly Father of all people, irrespective of race, religion, and nationality, and since God's greatest wish is to establish His Kingdom of One World Family of Peace and Harmony, we will work to go beyond all the barriers of race, religion and nationality and to love and serve all the peoples of Oceania and the World as our extended family.

8. To Extend Thanks and Gratitude to the Founders - We resolve to extend our heartfelt gratitude and thanks to the Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, Founders of the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace (IIFWP) and the Universal Peace Federation (UPF), for their profound teachings on family life, their great sacrifices and efforts for world peace, and for their exemplary life of living for the sake of the God and the world. We especially resolve to honor and protect the special Blessing of God-centered marriage, love, life and lineage that they have extended to all humankind.

We resolve this on this day, Saturday 6th May 2006, in Hiroshima, Japan.

The participants left on Sunday morning to make their way home. Our deepest thanks to all for the support for the success of this event.

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