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H.M. Murad: The Only Solution Is a Just Peace

Allah blessed humanity when He created us in the best form, giving us the mind to understand and behave in a manner beneficial to ourselves and to others.

In addition, Allah blessed people with heavenly messages delivered through the prophets so that people would know that in this universe there are two lives: the transient, earthly life and the other, eternal life.

Nevertheless, a constant problem challenges every aspect of our lives, haunts our happiness, and continually seeks to spoil our relationship with Allah. This problem is the devil. Yes, the devil. If he takes control of the human soul, the devil turns that person into a rotten, selfish element both for himself and for others. This same person, if he believed in Allah, would form an ideal family, sacrifice for others, and be able to combine both matter and spirit, thus becoming a liberated human being, free from the devil’s control. Then he is fit to be a human being capable of contributing toward achieving peace in this world. The life of such a person becomes a blessing both for himself and for others.

The path laid out for the Ambassadors for Peace of the Universal Peace Federation rests on the conviction that all people have equal rights and obligations irrespective of their color, language, descent, religion, culture, history, or geography. That path pursues the establishment and maintenance of a caring society—one body and one soul based on real love, real cooperation, and real peace.

Whether they be Muslims, Christians, Jews, or followers of other faiths, the UPF Ambassadors for Peace believe in these ideals with their whole hearts, minds, and souls, as they have all been affected by the philosophy of the Reverend Dr. Sun Myung Moon. He calls all believers from all religions and professions to form a caring society full of love, security, and just, true peace—far removed from the road of the devil and the wars, conflicts, and terrorism that characterize this corrupt world.

As for the Israeli-Palestinian struggle in the Middle East, the time has come to end the bloody conflicts between them. Real peace can only be achieved by leaders and all members of all religions in the region living up to the highest calling of our respective sacred teachings and traditions that overflow with love, care, compassion, and human-heartedness for all people. It is time that these true religious ways of life transcend the boundaries of religion, race, and culture. Without genuine repentance and renewal of faith that is pleasing to God, there will be no peace in the Middle East.

This repentance must be implemented with actions led by people of conscience and faith.