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Service Programs

Family to Family Adoption Program Launched in Bethlehem

In Bethlehem, a father had been without work for the last five years, and unable to fully support the family's needs because of the political and social circumstances in the region. Previously, he was working in Israel with a construction company, but with the closing of the border between the two areas, it became more and more difficult to find employment.

The International Relief Friendship Foundation matched him with a sponsor in the United States in 2003. The sponsorship provided money for two sheep to supply daily milk to the four children in this family and eventually a sustainable income for the family through the breeding and selling of sheep.

From this IRFF developed the Family to Family Adoption Program in Bethlehem. Families, associations, and groups of people from Europe, the USA and elsewhere are matched with families in Bethlehem. The sponsoring families pay $50 a month to support their adopted family. The funds are held in a central bank account. The families do not receive the funds directly but are given food, clothing, books, medical assistance or educational support, according to their need. A clear record of the monthly expenditures of each family is maintained and given to sponsoring families and organizations.

When people come together and work together, solutions can emerge from even the worst situations. These programs are crucial in changing the way people think. The focus is on widows with no daily income and families in need who lost their jobs. The goal is to promote dignity in these families´ lives.

The project does not simply provide hand-outs that create dependency. It prepares families to run businesses. It includes character education, family education and financial management. It funds small projects such as raising sheep. It helps families move forward. Each family’s progress is monitored to assess the effectiveness of the program.

The Family to Family project offers an opportunity to provide real hope and sustainability to the community in Bethlehem. It stimulates a change in people’s outlook and way of handling their surroundings. These families become seeds of this cycle of changing a negative situation into something positive. It does not merely help families but has the potential to build a new spirit and culture in Bethlehem.

For more information contact Massimo Trombin at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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