UPF Micronesia was formally established as a non-profit corporation on September 1st, 2008 by the hand and seal of H.E. President Emanuel Mori.

Much work in the area of Character Education has been achieved here with the combined assistance of the Traditional Leaders of Pohnpei and the State Education Department of Pohnpei. Character Education has been written into the Education Constitution and is now in the process of implementation.

Micronesia has great potential to realize the goal of establishing peace on all levels of society, coinciding with the peace-loving attitude of the people of this nation. There is also a great feeling of community here which is rarely seen in developed countries.

UPF Service Projects have also enjoyed a high level of appreciation from all government leaders and the general population. The Dial-a-Ditch Pothole Elimination Project continues to be highly applauded and is now in its 3rd year. It has prevented many road accidents according to police estimates and possibly has saved many lives.


D.W. Kim & G. Stone: Compact of Free Association and the Future of Micronesia

September 18, 2013

In order for the US and the Micronesian nations to maximize the mutual benefit from the close relationship in the future, both parties must collectively work on increasing awareness about the region both in the media and in academia.


Training More Micronesian Teachers in Character Education

July 28, 2009

Pohnpei, Micronesia – Twenty one elementary school teachers participated in a character education teacher-training program in preparation for a new one-year  pilot program scheduled for the Pacific island nation. The seminar was sponsored by Ministry of Education in partnership with UPF Micronesia.


Day of Families Celebrated in Pohnpei

May 15, 2009

Pohnpei, Micronesia - Coinciding with the UN International Day of Families, UPF-Micronesia sponsored a one-day seminar for 45 participants. Most guests arrived early and were greeted and treated with the traditional  headdress worn at most gatherings and special meetings.


I. Iriarte: A New Perspective on the Family

April 3, 2009

My connections with UPF have helped me to really understand my duties and responsibilities within my family structure. Nowadays, with the encroachment of foreign influence, it is becoming clear that our family structure may one day cease to exist. UPF seeks to strengthen our existing family by defining and clarifying the duties and responsibilities of everyone in this structure.


Training Pohnpei Teachers in Character Education

July 7, 2007

In the tropical island of Pohnpei, renowned for its traditional culture, there is a keen interest in the Universal Peace Federation's character education program.


Character Education Changes Student Attitudes

June 25, 2007

“What I’ve experienced from this summer camp is that first, change yourself before you change others. I applied this [during the camp] and I changed the way I acted with my friends. I gave them respect, friendliness, leadership, and [an example of] responsibility.” This was how Myron, a ninth-grade student, described the two-week summer camp in Pohnpei, Micronesia.


Promoting Character Education in Kosrae

May 21, 2007

Based on the success of UPF's Character Education initiative in Pohnpei, Iso Iriarte, a High Traditional Leader of Micronesia, and I organized a visit to another state, Kosrae.


Seminar in Japan for Traditional Leaders

May 7, 2006

A seminar for traditional leaders from Pacific island nations was held in Hiroshima, Japan, May 1-7, 2006, in a very quiet part of the coastal hamlet town of Kure. The city of Kure is a shipbuilding area and it maintains a formidable naval fleet of frigates and submarines. The largest battleship of the Second World War, the Yamato, was built there.