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Middle East Peace Programs

Innovative Peacebuilding

The Middle East Peace Initiative includes a wide range of interreligious encounters, fact-finding trips, interfaith dialogues, cultural initiatives, athletic programs, and service-learning projects.

Interreligious encounters: MEPI is distinctive in that Jews, Christians, and Muslims travel together to each others’ holy sites and gain a mutual and first-hand understanding of the history and traditions of the Abrahamic faiths. For many participants, this is the first substantial encounter with the people and traditions of the other faiths in a religious context. During such shared experiences, people enrich one another with their unique perspectives. This helps strengthen one's own faith and dissolve barriers of ignorance, distrust, and fear. Interfaith dialogues offer fresh insights into some commonalities among the religions rooted in this part of the world.

Interfaith service-learning, cultural, and athletic programs offer personal contact and build understanding and respect among people of different communities.


Middle East Peace Initiative Reports
Promoting interreligious understanding: 2/03, 5-11/03, 3/06, 5/06, 10/06, 8/07, 12/07.
Building grassroots connections: 5/04, 9/04, 4/07, 12/07, 1/08, 2/08, 7/08, 8/08, 9/08, 12/08
Leadership consultations: 9/04, 3/05, 5/07, 6/07, 10/07, 1/09
Fact-finding trips: 4/07, 12/07
Service-learning and humanitarian activities: 12/03, 10/04, 12/07, 12/07, 12/08, 3/09, 7/09, 7/09
Promoting a culture of peace: 6/06, 7/06, 5/07, 12/07, 8/08, 12/08, 7/09
Interreligious sports programs: 11/04-1/05, 7/07, 12/07, 9/08
Presentations Promoting Interfaith Understanding
"A Place for Religion at the Peace Table," by Dr. Frank Kaufmann, Executive Director, Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace
"Promoting Interreligious Understanding," by Dr. Shuki Ben-Ami, Theologian and Author, Israel
"Reconciliation Requires Honesty and Integrity," by Baruch Shalev, President, ISSI, Jerusalem, Israel
"A Mother's Heart Can Heal Pain," by Miri Kamar, Women's Federation for World Peace, Israel
"Prospectus for a Peace Academy," by Dr. Eliezer Glaubach Gal, Chairman, Professors World Peace Academy, Israel
"Breaking the Cycle of Anger," by Prof. Khuloud Khayyat Dajani, Executive Assistant to the President of Al-Quds University, Palestine
"The Only Solution Is a Just Peace," by Dr. Hamdi Murad, Jordanian Interfaith Co-existence Research Center
"Let Peace Prevail," by Sayyed Hani Fahs, Shi'a cleric, Lebanon
"Repentance and Forgiveness," by George Augustus Stallings, Jr., Co-President, American Clergy Leadership Conference, USA
"Removing the Curse of the Cross," by Dr. Andrew Wilson, Associate Professor of Biblical Studies, Unification Theological Seminary, Barrytown, USA
"Vision of the 'Other' in the Qur'an," by Imam Abdul Jalil Sajid, Muslim Council for Religious and Racial Harmony, UK; Executive Committee member of European Imams and Religious Leaders Council; International Secretary, Executive Committee of World Congress of Faiths

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