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UPF-Peru Launches Chapter of International Association for Peace and Economic Development

Peru-2020-12-10-UPF-Peru Launches Chapter of International Association for Peace and Economic Development

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Peru—On December 10, 2020, UPF-Peru sponsored the online inauguration assembly of the Peru branch of the International Association for Peace and Economic Development (IAED).

Dr. Trevor Jones (President, UPF-Peru) gave the opening remarks. He expressed his thoughts about the 2020 World Summit and the inauguration of UPF’s new associations, such as IAED, and its contributions to the development of UPF activities at international, regional and national levels during 2020. Despite the lockdown around the world because of COVID-19, it was possible to be connected with everyone. Thanks to internet facilities and the International Media Association for Peace, it has been possible to reach greater numbers of people around the world, to share our vision and UPF initiatives focused on interdependence, universal values and sustainable mutual prosperity.

The assembly had the special participation of Dr. Dong Mo Shin (Chair, UPF-South America) and Dr. SimónFerabolli (Secretary General, UPF-South America) as guests of honor.

As part of the program, 31 new Ambassadors for Peace were appointed. In addition, a special recognition was given to all health and public security professionals, as well as to all those whose work is at the service of Peruvians. In addition, a posthumous tribute was paid to all of those who passed away when working in these areas during COVID-19 pandemic in Peru.

Mr. Jaime Fernández (Secretary General, UPF-Peru) and Mrs. Melissa Sandoval (Press Director, UPF-Peru) led the meeting.

Dr. Shin spoke first. The IAED association was launched at UPF’s World Summit 2020. Corporate executives, financial investors, entrepreneurs, business scholars and thought leaders addressed critical global issues and the role of business leadership in fostering peace and economic development. From this global meeting, several regional events were developed, such as ILC 2020 The Americas and in each country in order to contribute to the resolution of the many situations that we face in this current difficult situation, not only in Peru but also throughout the region.

Mr. Valentín Valladares Melgar (Promoter, Director and Founder, “Niño de Jesús” Educational Consortium) shared his impressions of the inauguration of IAED at World Summit 2020. He congratulated UPF's founders, Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon and his wife, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, for laying the foundations for a peaceful world community. Mr. Valladares concluded his speech with the following statement: “The best capital for a business leader is peace, expressed in true love for humankind. The best consultant advisor and shareholder is God. The best liquidity is mutual prosperity. World peace can only be achieved with global justice, equity and inclusion"

Agustín Cisneros Zarango (President, Jesús María Chamber of Commerce) spoke on "The Role of Businesses in Building World Peace." According to Mr. Cisneros, small businessmen and entrepreneurs need to be part of an integrated network  in order to promote conditions that foster responsible business development in Peru: significantly contributing to society, promoting values and providing humanitarian aid to those most in need.

Professor Jorge Luis López Zumaeta (President,Natural Medicine Scientific Society, Peru) continued to speak on “The Role of Business Leaders in the Post-Covid Era” Companies are called to assume an active position in public and political areas, responding quickly to the challenges of our time, producing goods and services, creating employment, contributing to the economic development of the country and promoting social responsibility and environmental conservation. The delayed response by leaders and authorities to COVID-19 and misinformation have caused fatal consequences for all humankind. He finished his speech by pointing out the importance of promoting measures that preserve the physical and mental health of the population.

Jorge Luis Cadenas Ortega (General Manager, Cadenas CSC Construction and Development Corporation) spoke on "The Corporate Social Responsibility of Companies". Based on principles and values, companies are an active agent in the sustainable development of the community and environmental conservation. Social responsibility begins in the corporation, establishing fair working conditions, ensuring social welfare of workers and their families. One of the main sources of pollution in Peru comes from the construction industry. In order to address this situation, Cadenas CSC Corporation aims to raise awareness in its workers, suppliers, clients and citizens, promoting guidelines and initiatives for the responsible demolition of buildings, the correct treatment of construction waste and riverbank cleaning campaigns.

Mr. Agustín Ciccia (Founder, TEPSA Transport Company) shared his reflections about the importance of business administration in the public sector. According to Mr. Ciccia, the authorities that represent the nation at different levels need to have specialized academic training in government administration, a solid ethical foundation and sensitivity to the population’s needs. With these qualities, authorities would carry out their duties with responsibility, with a clear vision of the country and attending to Peruvians’ needs. To this end, Mr. Ciccia considers that it is essential to involve citizens, both when choosing responsibly authorities and in planning and implementing initiatives that aim at responsible governance.

Subsequently, Mr. Fernández read aloud IAED’s Inaugural Resolution. Then Dr. Ferabolli gave congratulatory remarks. IAED, like other associations that are under the umbrella of UPF, is intended to involve all men and women to establish a large network of people committed to build a culture of peace and the establishment of a substantial kingdom of God on earth. He congratulated those who were going to be appointed Ambassadors for Peace on this special date and current Peruvian Ambassadors for Peace for all the work that they did during this year, making it possible for UPF-Peru to achieve a special position across the region.

Subsequently, Dr. Jones proceeded with  the nomination ceremony for new Ambassadors for Peace, explaining the fundamental principles on which UPF is based, which he expects all ambassadors to embrace and live by, thus contributing to the essential task of rebuilding this world and creating "One Family Under God."

The meeting finished with closing remarks by Mr. Fernández, who expressed his gratitude on behalf of Dr. Jones, to the guests of honor, speakers, the audience that attended the evento, and the volunteers who made the event possible.

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