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First Ladies Webinar Attracts Over 9,000 Viewers

March 27, 2021

Central America and the Caribbean—The regional chapter of UPF-Central America and the Caribbean held a webinar of the International Association of First Ladies for Peace (IAFLP) on the theme “The Global Role of Women’s Contributions to Peace and Development.”


Foro de julio 2012 en Guatemala

July 30, 2012

Guatemala City, Guatemala - Interesantísimo. Así se puede describir el contenido la participación de los disertantes en el 7º foro de Embajadores para la paz, en julio 2012. El Pastor Vitalino Similosh de la Iglesia Presbiteriana expuso sobre el tema “Las Religiones” a favor de la paz y reconciliación. Es teólogo, conocimiento en sociología, y Secretario General de este espacio ecuménico en donde construyen institucionalmente la iglesia católica Romana y las Iglesias Protestantes Históricas (la episcopal, la luterana, la presbiteriana).


Family Forum in Guatemala City

February 25, 2012

Guatemala City, Guatemala - An Ambassadors for Peace forum on the theme of "What is family?" took place on February 25. Participants read from the speech "God's Ideal Family and Peace Kingdom" about the value of three generations living together in trust, harmony, love, and respect.


Ambassadors for Peace Tour Guatemala

July 23, 2010

Guatemala City, Guatemala - During the seven-day Americas Tour to Guatemala, Ambassadors for Peace came together as strangers and representatives of former enemy countries but left as friends and partners in peace.


Peace Tour in Guatemala Builds Networks

March 27, 2009

Guatemala - Ismael Mendez, a youth leader, inspired the audience with his message about One Family Under God.


Training Leaders of Guatemala City's Peace Vacation

October 31, 2008

Guatemala City, Guatemala - Religious Youth Service representatives, in partnership with sports organizers, taught RYS's experiential education curriculum to participants in Guatemala City's Peace Vacation Oct. 27-30, 2008, during a six-week sports and character education program.


Sports Educators Lead Basketball Camps

July 14, 2008

Tierra Nueva, Guatemala - More than 200 children participated in a special sports activity led by two sports educators, Diesa Seidel and Janna Gullery, as well as by Mr. Luis Navarro, coordinator of Moving Dreams, a project of Pro Paz. This took place in the Settlement Tierra Nueva 1 in Guatemala.


Religious Youth Service Helps Schools in Antigua, Guatemala

July 12, 2008

Antigua, Guatemala - Global Peacemakers and Religious Youth Service organized a project in Antigua, Guatemala, July 1-11, 2008 that included learning peacebuilding skills, doing light construction work at a school and visiting historic sites.


N. Quixtan: Una nueva era de paz en Guatemala

April 29, 2008

Las abuelas y los abuelos Mayas nos han dejado el mandato de generación de agradecer al principio y al final de nuestras actividades, a las personas que hacen posible un momento de nuestra existencia en nuestra vida. Cumpliendo con este mandato, lo hago primero invocando a esa fuerza que no se ve pero existe, que los Mayas lo llamamos Bitol, otros lo conocen como Dios, Jehová, Alá. Agradezco también al Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon y su familia por su contribución a la humanidad en el fomento de una cultura de paz.


RYS Trains Guatemalan Teachers for Sports Program

November 5, 2007

Guatemala – RYS Training was given to 20 young teachers in preparation for them to receive 200 children registered to attend a Vacation for Peace, a six-week sports program designed by the Ministry of Peace.


Social Cooperation for a better Leadership and Development in Guatemala

April 30, 2007

Guatemala –  Seventy-three representatives from various volunteer and service organizations, gathered together with Guatemalan academics and two speakers from the United States in the Embassy for Peace of Guatemala on April 30th, 2007. The 3½-hour conference, structured in Panel-Forum style was sponsored by Guatemala Pro Peace Association (APPG), Religious Youth Service (RYS), and Service for Peace (SFP).


RYS Helps Build Additions on to a Mayan School

July 12, 2006

Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala – RYS volunteers from Cuba, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, United Kingdom, and the United States helped build additions on to a Mayan school.


RYS-Guatemala Hosts 19th Friendship Americas

August 25, 2004

Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala—Religious Youth Service Guatemala 2004, took place in the beautiful lakeside town of Santiago Atitlan. This was the 19th Friendship Americas Project and its main focus and theme was “The Role of Youth in the Creation of Global Peace.”


Religious Youth Service Holds Thirteenth Friendship Americas Project in Three Countries

August 27, 2002

Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras—RYS 2002 held the Thirteenth Friendship Americas Project in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. This 3 week journey began in Guatemala City where staff and 42 participants representing 16 countries and diverse religious traditions, took on a challenge whose outcome was a strong community that explicitly valued full and free communication, recognized cultural and social differences as strengths, and embraced diversity among its members.


Religious Youth Service Builds New School in Guatemala

July 12, 2000

Chinautla, Guatemala—In Chinaulta, the RYS worked with mayor Paramo and city council to target an area where a new school is most urgently needed. They selected a newly settled community on top of a very hilly area. There the RYS began construction on a school while it also worked to widen the road to allow access by school bus.


Religious Youth Service's Participates in Fifth Friendship Americas Project

January 31, 1997

Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala— The year began with the RYS active in the America's as Guatemala hosted its second project in Santiago Atitlan on beautiful Lake Atitlan. The project had thirty participants and staff build an additional wing on a school whose student body is composed largely from children who were victims of the recent civil war.