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Empowerment of Women

UPF Statement on the Elimination of Violence against Men and Women

On the occasion of and in support of the 57th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women and International Women's Day 2013, on the theme: “Elimination and Prevention of All Forms of Violence Against Women and Girls,” Universal Peace Federation offers the following affirmations:

First, human conflict and violence have their roots in the breakdown of human relationships, and the human failure to live up to our highest ideals and aspirations. Violence is a symptom of a moral and spiritual failure. If we are to eliminate violent conflict, we must commit ourselves to a moral and spiritual awakening.

Second, a society of lasting peace and non-violence is secured by the growth of solidarity among the whole human family, and a recognition that we are all brothers and sisters, men and women, who share a common spiritual and moral heritage. We are one family under God. It is this understanding that gives rise to the collective will to put an end to violent conflict.

Third, UPF recognizes the equality of men and women. Their absolute value derives both from a common origin, God, and all of God’s creation manifests complementary masculine and feminine aspects, including men and women. The relationship between men and women expresses the wholeness of human experience. Thus, there should be no gender discrimination, but harmony of the sexes through love.

Fourth, being the basic building block of society, the family serves as the primary school of ethics, and should serve as the school where we learn to love, respect and serve others. In the family, both father and mother are equally entitled to reverence and honor. Women have the opportunity to take the leading role in cultivating families as the dwelling places of peace and love and in shaping individual character. The path toward establishing global peace begins with rebuilding strong families.

Fifth, laws alone cannot change the culture of violence, but must be undergirded by substantial educational programs aimed at promoting character education, conflict resolution, and a culture of service and peace. Men and women who are taught to fulfill their moral obligations and responsibilities towards others will respect and live for the greater good and fulfillment of others.

Sixth, Once humanity learns how to resolve conflicts without violence and weapons, massive resources will be reallocated for human development. UPF emphasizes the centrality of women in addressing issues of peace and development in all sectors, including politics, business, culture, and religion. Women must be encouraged and empowered to assume leadership roles in the resolution of conflict, peacebuilding and sustainable development.

The Universal Peace Federation thereby resolves to join the United Nations in supporting efforts working towards the “Elimination and Prevention of All Forms of Violence Against Men and Women.”

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