Global Peace Council Member

Dr. Marko Tarle
International Consultant, University Hospital

World Summit 2019 Report Inspires Ambassadors for Peace

March 16, 2019

Zagreb, Croatia—A member of parliament gave a moving testimony about his experience at the World Summit in Korea.


The Peace Road Comes to Croatia

October 21, 2017

Zagreb, Croatia—Croatia has become part of the international Peace Road initiative with the occurrence of the first Peace March.


Day of Families Observed in Zagreb

May 12, 2011

Zagreb, Croatia - UPF-Croatia hosted a forum in observance of the International Day of Families on May 12 at the Matica Hrvatska. Speakers included Mr. Anto Tomas, Dr. Tihomir Domazet, and Dr. Marko Tarle. 


Day of Families Celebrated in Zagreb

May 14, 2010

Zagreb, Croatia - On May 14 UPF hosted a seminar on the UN International Day of Families.


Croat and Bosnian Youth Attend Peace Seminar

July 2, 2009

Brezovica, Croatia - Nine young people from Bosnia and Croatia attended a five-day peace seminar from June 27 to July 2, modeled on the European Leadership Conference series sponsored by UPF-Europe. For the young people, we created a more diverse program that included mountain climbing, service activities, and sports.


New Projects Announced at Peace Tour in Croatia

May 4, 2009

Zagreb, Croatia - The Global Peace Tour in Croatia featured a speech by Mr. Mark Brann, Secretary General of UPF in Europe.


D. and M. Živković: Promoting Marriage and Family in Croatia

November 23, 2008

We are promoting lifelong joyful, successful and  beautiful marriages and families in Croatia. We believe this is achievable by everybody who desires it and uses proper methods to realise it. The Family Center promotes and helps development of family based on freely and personally chosen, tender, active, respectful to oneself and other, growing, unconditional, irrevocable, serious and mature love between  one woman and one man, and similar such love by both of them toward all their children.


RYS's Third Friendship America's Project Builds Classrooms with Locals in Honduras

July 2, 1996

Tegucigalpa, Honduras— RYS participants helped roof and build walls for eight classrooms with local workers joining in.


RYS-Croatia Participants Assists in Restoring a Clinic

April 7, 1996

Drnis, Croatia— Participants worked on four rooms of an out patient clinic, laid the roof, grounds restoration.


RYS Offers Services to Help Rebuild in Croatia

March 17, 1995

Varasdin, Croatia— Participants helped restore a classroom, numerous refugee's apartments, painted a large dinning room and several hallways, fixed public toilets, and worked on local grounds upkeep.