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UN Global Day of Parents 2022

Celebration of UN Global Day of Parents in Peru

Peru-2022-06-02-Celebration of UN Global Day of Parents in Peru

Lima, Peru—UPF-Peru branch, the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP), and the office of the congressman of the Republic and Ambassador for Peace, Dr. José Alberto Arriola Tueros, jointly celebrated the UN Global Day of Parents on June 2, 2022 in the auditorium of the Congress of the Republic of Peru: “Alberto Andrade Carmona.”

The Forum brought together outstanding Ambassadors for Peace, including the congressman, Dr. Tueros; the former Prime Minister of Peru and president of IAPP-Peru, Dr. Ántero Flores-Aráoz; and the general secretary of IAPP-Peru, Dr. Teresa Otiniano.  Also present were distinguished leaders, such as the director of the human rights department of the Bar Association of Lima, Dr. Judith Torres Anaya, and the councillor of the municipality of Lima, Mercedes Risco Vega, who shared their thoughts and reflections on this significant date.

UPF Peru executive president, Dr. Trevor Jones, who virtually participated in the forum, said, “Our relationship with our parents is the most important and true bond that most of us will ever have, and our parents’ dedication towards us is respected and cherished on this day. It is essential for a child to grow up in a healthy environment with healthy boundaries, and parents are the best role models for that. It may not seem much at face value, but parenting has an impact on economic prosperity and social development.”

Likewise, the congressman, Dr. Tueros, called on the audience to revalue the role of fathers and mothers in the lives of children, in his remarks: “Today, we revaluate the efforts of mothers and fathers to help their children to be better than them,” considering the heterogeneous status of many families in Peru, most of them consisting of single and young mothers. He encouraged the Ambassadors for Peace to keep the faith, to overcome challenges, and continue with their initiatives to spread peace to more people.

“The day of parents closely linked with the day of families is closely linked with peace. We need to study the relationship between people in this globalized world, in which regrettably we can’t achieve the value of peace,” said Dr. Flores-Aráoz. “Differences can’t be solved with violence. It is important achieve mutual understanding between people. In the same way, families need to build an internal united front: a united family is the foundation of national and international strength, peace and security, and we all need to protect it.”

In the same way, Dr. Anaya pointed out the importance of reducing the rates of violence against women and children in our country, and Dr. Torres called for volunteer lawyers to provide legal guidance to those most in need. “The most important thing is to guarantee the dignity of the human being, non-discrimination between one another and the ability to live in peace.” Currently, the Bar Association of Lima is spreading the application of human rights in schools in order to develop skills in young people that help them coexist in peace and generate a better society.

Dr. Castillo, for her part as general secretary of IAPP-Peru, especially recognized UPF founders, Dr. Sun Myung Moon and his wife Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, as a true model of parents, working together to achieve world peace. “Mothers and fathers constitute a family; they both are involved with raising and nurturing children with values, giving love, providing well-being and peace.” As UPF, “we all are longing for peace,” she said. IAPP general secretary Dr. Otiniano called on current and former authorities such as congressmen, mayors and councillors to work together for those most in need around the country. 

Councillor Vega, member of the health and social welfare commission of the municipality of Lima, applauded UPF initiatives to achieve peace in our society. “A good foundation for families is based on a spiritual basis: parents should be strong as a mustard seed. We all have been created with love by God, our Lord. To achieve peace, we should live our lives following the model of Jesus Christ: to love God with all our heart and love our neighbour as ourself.”

As part of the forum, 28 new Ambassadors for Peace were appointed, among them district authorities, academics, religious leaders, businesspeople and civil society leaders. The appointment of new Ambassadors for Peace ceremony was chaired by Mr. Jaime Fernández, secretary general of UPF-Peru. Among the newly appointed ambassadors were: Mr. Jesús Tasayco Marcos from the Lions Club International; the president of Smile of Women Foundation, Ms. Zuleika Benel Zevallos; a veteran hero of war from the Armed Forces, Mr. Rogelio de la Cruz Prado; and Ms. Mercedes Morocho Arias, a lawyer, were invited to say a few congratulatory words.

During the celebration, Dr. Tueros awarded Dr. Trevor Jones, executive president of UPF-Peru, and the members of the table of honor with a diploma of recognition for their participation in the forum. Likewise, a diploma of recognition was also awarded to Congressman José Alberto Arriola Tueros by UPF-Peru.

The forum featured a musical performance by the director of Inca Son and Ambassador for Peace, César Villalobos.

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