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UN International Day of Peace Honored in UPF-Brazil Webinar

Brazil-2020-09-21-UN International Day of Peace Honored in UPF-Brazil Webinar

Brazil—On September 21, 2020, UPF-Brazil celebrated UN International Day of Peace with the theme proposed by the United Nations for this year: “Forging Peace Together.” The event was held together with the Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) and Youth and Students for Peace (YSP).

Thus, celebrating International Day of Peace, we strive to unite people who are working for a world based on interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal values.

Attendees: 300 people followed the event in full on Zoom; seven people were present in the room. On YouTube, we reached 2,900 people watching at some point. After the event, about 10,000 people accessed the link at

the event moderator was Mr. Danilo Correa, secretary general of YSP-Brazil.

The opening words were in the charge of Rev. Dong Mo Shin, chairman of UPF South America. In his opening speech. he emphasized that peace is the result of a collective search. Even with the Covid pandemic, the Ambassadors for Peace have not diminished their efforts to achieve peace. Assuming that “peace begins with me, each of us has the responsibility to sow the seed of peace, seeking interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal values”.

Dr. Simão Ferabolli (Secretary General, UPF South America) addressed the expected desire to be doing something for peace immediately, presented the definition of peace and summarized that peace begins with me, where all individuals form a single family with God as Father. He presented a report on the ILC2020, which aimed to create a global community where the nucleus is God. He also thanked the cooperation of the Ambassadors for Peace, who acted as panelists for the event and also publicized the event on their social networks. He also strongly appealed to the need to support the next Rally of Hope on September 27, 2020.

State Deputy and Police Chief Rubens Recalcatti began his speech by saying that "Peace is born within us." As an Ambassador of Peace since 2018, in his city he started to carry out more activities to promote peace, one of which was holding a public hearing for the approval of the “September of Peace” campaign, with the participation of personalities from the national scene involved in projects promoting peace. Only by cultivating peace within us, from that seed, can we mobilize the whole of society to truly experience the fullness of peace.

Mrs. Sandra Molinaro (Businesswoman, Administrative and Financial Director of Biguaçu Business and Cultural Association-Santa Catarina) presented us with her perspective on the UN International Day of Peace, which aims to sensitize people to the need for peace in the world and the promotion of acts that result in the end of conflicts. She asked, “How can we act daily in a practical way with efficient actions that can lead people to balance and social well-being?”

Mrs. Maria Aparecida Cunha (Psychology teacher and social worker in the State of Rio Grande do Norte) began her words by asking, “What does the title of Ambassador for Peace represent? How do we live as Ambassadors for Peace?” She reflected on whether we are really being coherent and experiencing what we have spoken during the time that we are Ambassadors for Peace. The responsibility of Ambassadors for Peace is to behave critically, always observing whether their actions and choices are consistent with their words

Dr. Maribel Barreto (Professor and researcher on consciousness) presented the thesis that “we, the world, humanity and the universe are one and the same. We are the focus of the issue for universal peace, and we have three dimensions that need to walk in an integrated way—the dimension of feeling, thinking and acting—thus making our actions balanced to avoid conflicts.”

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