UPF and Affiliates Make a Difference in Mauritius

September 20, 2015

Port Louis, Mauritius—UPF and affiliated organizations have brought substantial benefits to Mauritius, according to a longtime UPF-Mauritius advisor.


Family Values Showcased in Mauritius

August 18, 2012

Quatre-Bornes, Mauritius - The Women's Federation for World Peace organized a Family Values Awareness and Cultural Show in the Municipal Reception Hall of Quatre-Bornes on August 18 for the children they sponsor and their parents or guardians.


Day of Families Observed at a Sport Stadium in Mauritius

May 19, 2012

Reduit, Mauritius - A Family Fun Sports Day took place on May 19 for the 160 sponsored children and their guardians sponsored by the Women's Federation for World Peace in Mauritius. There were track and field events as well as value-based games at the Maryse Justin Stadium in Reduit in which whole families could participate.


Recommendations for Interfaith Dialogue in Mauritius

May 12, 2012

Port Louis, Mauritius - The recommendations of a study entitled "Interfaith Dialogue in Mauritius: A Myth or Reality" were presented at a May 12, 2012, forum in Port Louis.


A.S. Hossen-Gooljar: Inter-faith Dialogue in Mauritius – A Myth or Reality?

May 12, 2012

Mauritius is often cited as a country where people of different faiths interact in peace and harmony. Although people of different faiths have been living in this island nation for centuries, it seems that they do not really know each other, according to research by Mrs. Allia Syed Hoosen-Gooljar, Director of the Centre des Dames Mourides.


Free Medical Clinic Offered to Children in Mauritius

April 15, 2012

Quatre Bornes, Mauritius - Free medical check ups and nutrition advice were offered to children and adolescents sponsored by the Women's Federation for World Peace of Mauritius on April 15, 2012.


UPF Special Advisors Visit Mauritius

November 29, 2011

Port Louis, Mauritius - Five special advisers of UPF-Mauritius visited this Indian Ocean island nation between November 15 and 29. Coming from Korea, Japan, the US, and Germany, they met people with common interests in education, service, and interreligious cooperation.


Day of Peace Observed in Quatre Bornes

September 18, 2011

Quatre Bornes, Mauritius - The Women's Federation for World Peace organized a celebration of the International Day of Peace at the Municipal Hall of Quatre Bornes on September 18. Participants included parents, sponsored children, WFWP members and tutors, and special guests including government officials, educators, religious leaders, and NGO representatives.


Distributing 'As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen' in Mauritius

June 7, 2011

Port Louis, Mauritius - Being a Singaporean married to a Mauritian and living here for the past 20 years, I wanted to give a copy of the autobiography of the UPF Founder Rev. Sun Myung Moon to the President of Singapore during his four-day visit here in early June.


Young Ambassadors for Peace Appointed

August 15, 2009

Port-Louis, Mauritius - One hundred and fifty youths from the Sai Baba Movement were appointed Youth Ambassadors for Peace by Rev. Gaerber Ruediger, senior advisor to the Mauritius Peace Council, on August 15 at Chimaya Asram.


Message of Peace Given in Mauritius

December 8, 2007

On the December 8, 2007, celebration in Mauritius of Sai Baba’s 82nd birthday, UPF was represented by Jessica Chung To, who offered a prayer and read a message of peace to the 300 participants.